Move Sport Ninja Nerf Night of Fun
Ninja Nerf Night [Sat-Feb-29th]

Ninja Nerf Night [Sat-Feb-29th]

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Ninja Nerf Night of FUN // Saturday Feb. 29th

6:00pm to 8:30pm

Ninja Nerf challenges presented by Move Sport Ninja Academy features high energy fun and games for your ninjas. Let the kids burn off some healthy energy while you spend the night out. Drop off is allowed. Go enjoy a date night while the kids have fun. Keep the night going a little longer with our extended play option. Ninjas can stay until 10pm while you get some extra alone time.

Action Packed Games

We will be playing all sorts of games throughout the night such as king of the hill, tactical challenges, team challenges, ninja invasion, team relays, capture the flag, run the gauntlet.


Ages and Details

Safety is our priority!
We'll be providing protective goggles that must be worn at all times. Upon arrival the kids will warm up as a group and go over ground rules which include safe zones, boundaries and break times. Nerf night of fun is for ages 6 and up. Adults are allowed to attend and/or participate. This event will max out at 30, so please reserve your spot ahead of time.

1/2 way through the night we will break for snacks. Optional pizza and beverages can be reserved or you can bring your own snacks. We'll be watching Ninja Warrior National finals and keeping the fun going while taking a rest.

Discounts provided

2 = 5%, 3 = 10%, 4+ = 15%

Safety Goggles and Nerf guns will be provided
no outside nerf materials permitted

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