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Ninja Fit

Adult Group Training

Ninja Fit is where typical comes to die.
If you get bored with the same-old-same-old, don't worry - there's still hope!

Class Expectations and Goals

If you've heard of CrossFit or taken a class and lived to talk about it - then you're familiar with the concept of "Constantly-Varied" exercise. If you are not familiar, that's okay. It simply means, changes each time. It also means you still have connective tissue.

  • Ninja Fit operates with a constantly changing principle without the vertebrae-crushing damage of doing Olympic Lifts for speed.
  • We utilize the things that are effective and fun in an ever challenging environment.
  • Obstacle Training Curriculum is designed to build the most well-rounded athletes.
Ninja Fit Coaches are highly skilled in adult instructional programs and safety.

Ninja Fit Pricing

  • $80 per Month
  • One class a week
  • Ways to Save
    • Multi-Class Discounts
    • Multi-Student Discounts
  • Late Registration Allowed
  • Prorated Discounts Applied

Never Get Bored

We combine the use of obstacles, calisthenics and gymnastics to give you a meaningful workout.

Every time you hit the gym at Move Sport. You won’t even know you worked out until you wake up the next morning.

Ninja Fit Class Details

  • Classes are held Monday-Friday
  • Ages 15 and up attend Ninja Fit, 14 and under attend Mighty Ninjas
  • 1:12 Coach to Athlete Ratio
  • No Pre-Requisites
  • Drop In's Allowed
  • Late sign-up Allowed, Registration details below.

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$80 Monthly | Late registration allowed | Prorated Discounts Applied | Multi-Class and Multi-Student Discounts Applicable | Unlimited Open Gym

Adult Ninja Fit Classes