Ninja Warrior Austin gym kid classes and adult coaching

Coaching Philosophy

At Move Sport Ninja Academy We believe in providing a space that nurtures creativity and enthusiasm. Whether you’re here to build skills, get back in shape or find a new sport for your little ninja, Move Sport has your back. Our job is to provide the energy, support and environment that fosters personal achievement.

Success inside the gym often leads to success outside the gym. That has been a known and lasting effect of positive coaching for decades. At Move Sport, our philosophy is aligned with the mission of the Positive Coaching Alliance. We believe that every child has the ability to overcome obstacles regardless of what they look like, where they come from, their size, shape or gender. Obstacle training is life training; sometimes wins come easy, sometimes they don’t. What matters most is how you handle adversity. Our classes and Instructional style are designed to build you up from the inside.

Style of Coaching

Coaching Gymnastics for so long taught me the long and short of different “styles” of coaching. We’ve probably all heard of the cliché jerk coaches out there; heck I used to work with these types of people every day, and it always really disturbed me. At one point, I was even asked to “be meaner” to the kids. I was told “don’t be afraid to yell at them, they’ll respect you more.” Thankfully I was able to escape that small-minded thinking. One summer back in 2009 I took a leave-of-absence to go learn higher-level coaching at a summer training camp in Woodward, PA (Woodward). There I was mentored by some truly phenomenal coaches. I learned more in a week of coaching there than 3 years back at my home gym. I went every summer for the next 5 years, sometimes spending 6 weeks out there, submerged in learning. In the end, my responsibilities as a Head-Coach and Program Director limited my summer travel, but I learned that being an amazing coach is more about building character than diminishing it. When a student trusts you, and believes in YOUR ability to help them achieve, they learn to trust themselves and their own abilities in turn. It’s a beautiful thing to see. Positive reinforcement builds confidence and character. I’ve learned to trust my instincts as a leader and to communicate effectively with athletes without giving up my own personal style. Sure, I’ve coached some National Champions, but what means more to me is that they grow up to be awesome human beings.

Overcoming Fear

When learning anything new for the first time, there is often a level of intimidation or fear. Some level of fear is normal and to be expected. However, a skilled coach can easily re-route this “negative” feeling into excitement and anticipation. Progressions are a key part of this process. Even the most basic skills have progressions which allow the student to bridge the gap between what they know and what they want to achieve. Progressions are like little stepping stones that allow them to cross a creek without having to make a full-on leap-of-faith. They are both simple and intuitive by design. Move Sport Staff are all well-trained in utilizing progressions at all levels.