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Austin Ninja Warrior Gym Competitions

We are proud to hold Ninja Warrior competitions at our Austin based Ninja Warrior training facility. Details and rules may vary depending on if the competition is through the Texas Ninja League (TNL), Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) or National Ninja League (NNL). We try to make this information clear and easy to understand but if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kids Ninja Warrior Competition Dates

Adult Ninja Warrior Competition Dates

    Texas Ninja League Information

  • Texas Ninja League Age groups are based on age as of August 1st, 2019. You will register for your age group or higher.
  • To earn points towards advancement to Texas Ninja League state finals you must register prior to competing. Registration link here: Texas Ninja League Registration $25 per Season
  • TNL competition rules can be found here: Texas Ninja League Rules & Info
  • Athletes earn +1 TNL point for each competition involved in not limited to TNL event. (UNAA, TNL, NNL or House Comp)
  • Placement at TNL competitions gain additional points. (1st place = +4 points, 2nd place = +3 points, 3rd place = +2 points, 4th place = +1 points)
  • TNL finals requires a minimum of 5 points at the end of the season.

    Move Sport Ninja Academy Competition House Rules

  • Point scoring system - receive a point for a completed obstacle
  • Completed obstacle references from starting platform to ending platform without touching the ground or breaking any hand/feet placement rules.
  • Incomplete obstacles can be skipped to the next starting platform.
  • Athlete with the most points in applicable group will be considered the winner.
  • Point tie breaker will be fastest time. Point and time tie will complete additional challenge.
  • 1st - 3rd will make podium award ceremony.

    Ninja Warrior Pro Division Qualification

  • ANW Las Vegas Finals within last 3 years
  • Placed in top 10 at UNAA Finals, NNL Finals, Rockford Ninja Warrior or Wolfpack Ninja Tour Finals
  • Athletes qualified for Pro Division cannot complete in Amateur Comp
All participating athletes must have a waiver on file. Move Sport Ninja Academy Waiver Link